Card Testimonial

"Everything has been delivered and looks awesome. I won't tell you how much money you saved us on the cards compared to what our corporate had set up with Sir Speedy...but it was substantial and for a terrific product."

We love hearing positive testimonials from our clients! Thank you!

Lanyard Thank You

Stephanie received this thank you from a client:

"Hi Stephanie! Just a line to let you know that the name badge lanyards arrived today and they are fabulous! Thanks for everything!"

We always love to hear from satisfied clients!

Fast Turnaround, Quality Work

We received this awesome note from a client, Rick.

"I was going to send you a note thanking you for the quality work and quick turn around. The shirts arrived here and they look great. I've been passing them out and the peeps are happy. TOP JOB!! We appreciate your help in making our event a success."

Thanks, Rick!

Our Work Ethic is Unmatched

Hi Brian! I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how very pleased Mr. West was with the aprons! They looked FABULOUS!!!! The quality of the apron, itself, was stupendous! I anxiously await the badge holder/lanyards to see how they turned out! Jackie wasn't kidding when she said YOU are the go-to-guy!!! Thanks again for a job well done and within our "RUSH-RUSH-RUSH" time frame. I look…

Direct Mail Has a Greater Effect on Purchase Than Digital Ads

A Temple University neuromarketing study finds that direct mail tops digital media for engagement time, recall, and ultimate purchase.

An in-depth neuroscientific study sponsored by the Postal Service Inspector General's office (OIG) found direct mail ads to be superior to those viewed online in eight out of nine categories. Digital ads seized the attention of consumers quicker, but physical…

Glad to Help

We appreciate this sweet note from Lindsey, Graphic Designer for Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois. Lindsey says,

"Thank you so much for all your help on soooo many projects! You make my job too easy!"

Really Great

Hi Barb,

I got the posters. They look really great. Great work.

-Hero’s Foundation

Tickled Pink

We love hearing how happy our customers are!

"I gotta tell you, I am still so tickled pink with the ad! Thank you very much!"

Thanks again


A Model that Works

We have perfected our business model to ensure our customers are above satisfied!

"Thanks for the heads up- GREAT SERVICE MODEL!"


You're the Best!

We love hearing what our customer think of us and our work, thanks Tracy!

"You are the best!!! Thanks for the great service!"