Positive Feedback - Providing the WOW Factor

We're always looking to provide the "wow" factor for our clients - we want our products to exceed expectations and make a good impression. We have a lot of faith in our work, but it's always nice to hear from our clients that we're doing well. That's why, this week, we were delighted to get this message from Pregis, a client of ours:

Customer Service and Support - A Top Priority!

We received this thank you note from Sarah of Shaw Electric:

"Bob, Thank you for donating towards my fundraiser. I greatly appreciate your generosity and support. Also, thank you for your great customer service. You are so easy to work with and everything always turns out great!" - Sarah Shaw

A big thanks to Sarah for sharing that message, and we take pride in providing excellent…

Specialty Products

We recently printed a batch of construction pencils for Bush Construction. After delivery, One Step received this awesome thank you from Erica of Bush Construction.

"Thanks so much. They turned out great and the guys are going to love them!"

We appreciate this note, Erica! One Step can print all sorts of specialty products; contact us for details!

Choosing One Step

Chris A. emailed us with the following:

"Your company has been great, Brian. In my networking efforts locally, I have been inundated with meeting marketing companies that offer similar services. As far as I'm concerned, I'd like to continue to use One Step."

Thanks, Chris! We appreciate your kind words about One Step and we are always striving to make our customers' experiences awesome.

Card Testimonial

"Everything has been delivered and looks awesome. I won't tell you how much money you saved us on the cards compared to what our corporate had set up with Sir Speedy...but it was substantial and for a terrific product."

We love hearing positive testimonials from our clients! Thank you!

Lanyard Thank You

Stephanie received this thank you from a client:

"Hi Stephanie! Just a line to let you know that the name badge lanyards arrived today and they are fabulous! Thanks for everything!"

We always love to hear from satisfied clients!